Investigation steps
 What is it you are trying to find out? 

 Solutions for life,
 prevention of child abuse,
 prevention of women abuse,
 prevention of men abuse, 
 rescuing homeless people,  
 prevention of poverty,
 prevention of war,
 prevention of hate, 
 prevention of unilateral power,
 prevention of pedophilia, 
 prevention of anti-arabism,
 prevention of anti-americanism, 
 prevention of anti-feminism, 
 prevention of anti-immigration,
 prevention of anti-intellectualism,
 prevention of all sort of tumors, 
 prevention of vivisection, 
 prevention of pimping, 
 prevention of sexism, 
 prevention of anti-Islam, 
 prevention of anti-semitism, 
 prevention of pro”damienhirtism”, 
 prevention of dictatorship,
 prevention of jealousy, 
 prevention of puritanism, 
 prevention of totalitarianism , 
 prevention of genocide,
 prevention of ignorance, 
 prevention of conformism-similarity. 
 prevention of dying for Art.

 What could you change? 

The things which could change are called variables.

Choosing what you will change, what you measure and what you keep the same.

Deciding how you will carry out the investigation i.e. what will you do?
Making a Prediction/ Hypothesis.
Asking questions: Will changing this variable (independent variable) make a difference to the other (dependent variable?)

Collecting Evidence.
- They’re everywhere.

Noting, carefully, what happens.
- Nothing happens really on the side of disadvantaged people.
It’s getting worse every day on the Earth.
Recording and Presenting
- That what Dolls show in their photographs.

Write about what you did:
- Dolls try to alert women and children, a carnage is coming soon.
Interpreting and Evaluating
Are there any trends in the results?
-Yes the evidence of an inevitable carnage.

Do the results tell you anything? 
- Yes It does. 
Was your prediction correct? 
- Unfortunately yes.

What can you conclude from this investigation? 
Dolls may have a big task to achieve in order to save a part of humanity.


Le Cercle et Sue. copyright Alice ODILON