In Iran, as a girl, she was declared impure creature deserving to be hidden by a grey black heavy veil.
In America she (Aileen Wuornos) was found guilty to have killed several  men they wanted to abuse her, as she was
a whore.
But on the other hand she had been murdered like 59 other dolls (troubled souls whose lives touched others in lasting ways)( usually referred to only as “drug addicts” or “street prostitutes.”) in Vancouver’s bleak Downtown Eastside by Serial-killer Robert Pickton, pig farmer.

In Teheran again, as a mother  she was obliged to abandon her little daughter who she was  unable to feed. The brutal separation  tore her  heart apart.
 She was one of the women doll shown in “the Circle”, 
by Iranian Independent filmmaker Jafar Panahi.
As abandoning her child, she walked indefinitely in the dark as a black scurvy veiled shade, like a obscure ghost.

Fatemeh Naghavi as Mother

The Circle (Persian: Dayereh) is a 2000 drama film by Iranian independent filmmaker Jafar Panahi that criticizes the treatment of women in Iran. The film has won several awards, including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2000, but it is banned in Iran.